Lupita Nyong’o Wins Best Supporting Actress: Oscars 2014

Head shot for actress Lupita Nyong'oFamed for her touching role as Patsey in Twelve Years a Slave, Kenyan-raised Lupita Nyong’o has just won an Oscar for best supporting actress. With tears in her eyes, the actress looked incredulous as she hugged those around her and made her way up to the Oscar stage.

SPoster for movie Twelve Years a Slavehe thanked the subjects of the film, Solomon and Patsey, for sharing their story, and noted that she knows “A source of such great happiness for me has been the source of much suffering for others.” She also thanked the director of Twelve Years a Slave, Steve McQueen, for bringing the classic novel that inspired the film to life. She said, “the dead are surely smiling down upon you.”

Finally, Lupita Nyong’o thanked her family for their continued support, including a shout-out to her brother Frankling, whom she called her best friend, and who accompanied her to the Oscars ceremony.  We here at Roviewz believe that this is a well-deserved win. Congrats, Lupita! For full Oscar coverage, get live  results posts on our Oscars page, or check out our post dedicated to the Oscars 2014 in Roview.


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